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Why to choose us ?

Our Sail Boat

32 feet (~10 meters), equipped like a house / hotel in several aspects (hot water, good beds, kitchen, televisión, wifi, barbecue) and fast as a regatta sail boat. Capacity for up to 4 adults.


Thalassa comes from the Greek and means Sea. For us Thalassa also means comfort, service with quality, kindness of the skippers, sailing speed and adventure. Our Charters are totally personalized, especially the choise of destinations. The skipper seeks to understand and respond to customer expectations. Our rates include almost everything, no complexity nor extra charges.

The Place

Sailing in the Paraty archipelago and Ilha Grande is without any doubt an extremely interesting trip. This is guaranteed.

The Captains

Expérience de plus de 15 ans dans la región. Calme et securité tout le temps. Cordialité et empathie avec les clients. Nous parlons couramment le français, l’anglais, l’espagnol et bien sur le portuguais.<br /> Experience of more than 15 years sailing in the region. Calm and safety all the time. Cordiality and empathy with customers. We speak fluently English, French, Spanish and of course Portuguese.<br />

Praia Litoral Norte

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Nos colocamos no seu lugar

Strict maintenance of sailboats, everything works. Boarding place in a  marina in Paraty, with commodity, where you can park your car safely. No contractual bureaucracies and alternatives in terms of means of payment.

Inedite Places
Histórias únicas para contar

You are going to know exclusive places, where only those who know go there. If you want, we tell the story of the region and you can meet interesting people.

Sem Supresas

All Charters are planned in detail and, in case of unforeseen circumstances, normally we have already thought of the solutions and we are prepared to set them up quickly.


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3:30 Hrs

Time of trajet São Paulo / Rio Paraty by car


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