Nature & Adventure


If you like beautiful places in nature, near Paraty there are two exuberant places that worth while : Saco de Mamanguá and Praia Grande de Cajaíba. These are places of breathtaking!

Besides these emblematic destinations, there are also “small” attractions, outside the traditional touristic circuit, that we know because we have been sailing in the region for more than 20 years. Snorkling in a natural pool hidden behind rocks, climbing a river with our small auxiliar boat, fishing where we usually have fish, taking wonderful photos …

 The lodging and activities aboard the sailboat give you an idea of what it is like to live aboard a sailboat: preparing meals, sleeping on board, learning to sail …

Prior to the begin of the charter, we prepare for you a detailed planning, based on what we understood you would like. It is totally personalized and you have a quite good idea of how the trip will be.   The routes presented below are only examples (good ones, based on our experience), but it can be modified.

Patricio or myself stay all the time with you on board as skipper (or you can spend the night alone in the marina). We speak fluently English.

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Nature & Adventure


This 2-3 Days' Route is a bit long, but it really worths while. Mamanguá and Cajaíba are clearly the most interesting destinations relatively near Paraty.
We decide together where to anchor to spend the night, in Mamanguá or in Cajaiba, both are superb options.


If you want to see an exuberant sea nature place, you have to know Parnaioca and Aventureiro.
We must have a convenient weather window to reach this place with security. Parnaioca is turned to the South, from where can blow a quite strong wind.
We will cross the bay of Ilha Grande very early in the morning. It is going there that I saw whales 2 times. It is not common but can happen.
This is really an advendure trip!
After Parnaioca, I propose you to visit the interior of the bay, there are plenty of nice and different places to see.


This is an interesting route if you have only a day and wants to do something different.
The proposal is to leave the marina early in the morning (8 hs or earlier) and navigate with destination to Cajaiba or Mamanguá. These are the destinations with a more Nature&Adventure vocation.
We return to Paraty where the sun will e falling. Beautifull view of the city from the sea.